We believe that sustainable education can host tremendous opportunities for anyone in the community to thrive. We follow that belief to become a trusted gate-way that leads your children to their dream school in oversea. 

We see the advantage of Vietnamese students among international peers, yet there are still rooms for improvement to maximise their true potential. Therefore, ETEST is founded to provide Vietnamese students with in-deep training programmes, focusing on self-development and the success of each student.  Our classes are lead by qualified lecturers who have had many years of experience building up young Vietnamese scholars.  We hope that each and every student is a talent at ETEST.

To bring the most out of each student’s ability, we beleive that Trust is the most important factor bringing mutual success to our customers and ETEST itself.
Honesty allows us to work enthusiastically and to look after the sucess of our students. With honesty as the foundation, ETEST will be able to create good relationships with our customers and win their trust.
ETEST always understand that professionalism is one of the benchmarks for quality of education and services. Therefore, ETEST never stops pushing the boundaries to achieve the highest level of professionalism for education in Vietnam.


Xác Nhận

Hotline: 090.369.5677