Bài giải IELTS Writing đợt thi 07/11/2020 Band 8.0+ từ IELTS Examiner

Học hỏi từ chính các “cao nhân” IELTS chính là một trong những cách trau dồi kiến thức hay cho bản thân, nâng trình IELTS nhanh chóng đấy. Bên cạnh những từ vựng chất lượng thì cách diễn đạt – cách hành văn của các giám khảo IELTS sẽ trở thành công cụ đắc lực cho bản thân. Cùng ETEST đến với bài giải đề thi IELTS Writing vào ngày 07/11 vừa qua được viết bởi cựu giám khảo IELTS, độc quyền tại ETEST Vietnam.


TASK 2:  Some people say that outdoor activities benefit children’s development rather than computer games. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

While the traditional viewpoint is that computer games are harmful to children in many ways, time has shown that people who game a lot still turn out fine. However, physical exercise should not be neglected either.

‘The computer screen will hurt your eyes!’ is the commonly heard complaint that parents have been using since computer gaming started. I am glad I did not listen to my mother when she said this as I have loved gaming from 11 years old right up to the present, and it has had no discernible effect on my vision. Although other physical problems may arise, such as repetitive strain injury or a sore back, these can be practically eliminated with proper management and frequent breaks.

Engaging in some kind of exercise several times a week will surely benefit anyone in the long run as well as immediately. The beneficial effects of this have been well established as scientific facts. In addition, time spent on physical education will increase the effectiveness of any activities and help to avoid injuries.

Computer games also require various mental skills, such as task solving, memory retention and recall, and the ability to adapt quickly to new situations. All these soft skills could be very useful later on in life.

In conclusion, combining regular physical exertion with reasonable time spent on computer games will surely allow a child to develop both physically and mentally, perhaps resulting in a superior outcome to those who do not mix things up.


Các cụm từ hữu ích xuất hiện trong bài:

  • traditional viewpoint (noun) : quan điểm truyền thống
  • neglect (verb): thờ ơ, bỏ mặc
  • complaint (noun) : sự phàn nàn
  • discernible (adj) : một cách rõ ràng
  • repetitive (adj): lặp đi lặp lại
  • eliminate (verb) : loại trừ, loại bỏ
  • engage in (verb) : tham gia vào
  • in the long run : về lâu dài
  • injury (noun) : vết thương
  • memory retention (noun) : sự lưu giữ trí nhớ
  • physical exertion  (noun) : sự gắng sức
  • superior (adj) : lợi thế hơn/ vị trí cao hơn


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