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Bài giải IELTS Writing đợt thi 21/05/2020 Band 8.0+ từ IELTS Examiner

Bí quyết IELTS Writing Task 2 cùng cựu giám khảo IELTS với loạt từ vựng cực giá trị. Đây là bài giải đề thi IELTS Writing vào ngày 21/05 vừa qua được viết bởi cựu giám khảo IELTS, độc quyền tại ETEST Vietnam.

TASK 2: Government should spend more money on medical research to protect citizens’ health rather than on protecting the environment. Do you agree or disagree?

Government plays a crucial role in the management of our society. It has been reasoned that the state should invest heavily in the healthcare sector rather than the environmental sector. This essay will explore this topic and present a firm opinion.

To begin, environmental protection has become an extremely contentious topic. Although it is obvious that humans are capable of damaging the natural world, the extent to which this takes place and the lasting effect are very much contested. Governments should spend money on indirect methods of environmental protectionism such as educating the public and offering various incentives to those who strive to keep both artificial and natural spaces clean. Firstly, it is relatively inexpensive for political leaders to produce public service announcements on social media outlets such as Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter. Secondly, cash rebates, grocery store vouchers, and tax deductions can be utilized in order to persuade citizens to be “greener”.

Next, a similar case to the above could be made for the healthcare sector. People often do not feel comfortable with the government being involved with personal matters of health and wellness. The extent to which the government is involved in needs not go further than increasing public health awareness and promoting healthy living. Politicians are neither business nor health professionals. Therefore, the research and development of health care products and services should be left to passionate entrepreneurs, medical practitioners, and scientific professionals. Recently, the world has witnessed a global pandemic, and several private sector companies and manufacturers have successfully produced millions of masks and thousands of life-saving ventilators. Although the government has helped to manage distribution, it has heavily relied on privately owned companies.

In conclusion, governments do serve a vital role to the management and maintenance of society; however, their duties need not go as far as to affect the lives of citizens in an overtly personal way. Governments should instead shift their focus on environmental matters. Perhaps in the future, the state will occupy a more limited role and allow the private sector to do what it does best.

Các cụm từ hữu ích xuất hiện trong bài:

  • crucial role : vai trò quan trong
  • healthcare sector : lĩnh vực chăm sóc sức khỏe
  • extremely contentious topic : chủ đề cực kỳ gây tranh cãi
  • contested (adj): gây tranh cãi
  • environmental protectionism : chính sách bảo vệ môi trường
  • incentive (n): sự khuyến khích, thúc đẩy
  • social media outlets (n): phương tiện truyền thông xã hội
  • cash rebates : giảm giá tiền mặt
  • tax deductions : giảm thuế
  • personal matters of health and wellness : vấn đề cá nhân về sức khỏe và thể chất
  • medical practitioners : các học viên trong lĩnh vực y tế
  • a global pandemic : cơn đại dịch toàn cầu
  • ventilator (n) :  máy thở, máy hô hấp nhân tạo
  • overtly (adv) : công khai, không úp mở

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