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Bài giải IELTS Writing đợt thi 21/03/2020 Band 8.0+ từ IELTS Examiner

Cơ hội luyện tập kỹ năng Writing Task 2 cùng hàng loạt cụm từ vựng đắt giá . Đây là bài giải đề thi IELTS Writing vào ngày 21/3 vừa qua được viết bởi cựu giám khảo IELTS, độc quyền tại ETEST Vietnam.

TASK 2: Watching a live performance such as a play, concert, or sporting event is more enjoyable than watching the same event on television. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Entertainment is an important aspect of life and it can come in many different forms. Some believe that live shows such as music events, sports, and plays are much more exciting when viewed live rather than on TV. This essay will discuss the differences between live and televised productions.

Firstly, live shows are very exciting to experience. This is because the organizers spend vast amounts of time and money making sure that viewers have a thrilling experience. The whole point of producing a live show is to put on a good show for the viewers. Secondly, live shows allow the attendees to be more immersed in the event than simply watching it on the television. Oftentimes, large events such as concerts involve amazing light shows, dazzling pyrotechnics, memorabilia such as t-shirts, and delicious food and drinks. The next paragraph will discuss some of the drawbacks of seeing performances in person.

Although live shows are great, they do have some disadvantages which television does not. To begin, physically going to an event can be costly. Oftentimes people have to travel long distances and take time off of work or school in order to witness one of their favourite celebrities acting or singing. Also, entrance tickets to these types of events can be quite expensive. On the other hand, television allows audiences to view their favourite acts from the comfort of their own homes for a relatively low price. Furthermore, new technology enables viewers to record the event and watch it at a time that is most convenient for them. Lastly, some individuals enjoy hosting TV viewing parties in their homes. They can cook food for their friends and are not limited by time and money.

In conclusion, the opinion of the writer is that live events and televised events are both enjoyable. Seeing a live performance puts the viewers right in the middle of the action and allows them to experience the show with all five senses. Television, on the other hand, is cheaper and often more convenient. Perhaps in the future, development in virtual reality will allow people to watch from home, while feeling as if they are really there.

Các cụm từ hữu ích xuất hiện trong bài:

  • televised productions : những chương trình được chiếu trên truyền hình
  • immerse in : đắm chìm trong (điều gì đó)
  • Oftentimes : trong một số trường hợp
  • entrance tickets to these types of events : vé vào cổng các loại sự kiện như thế này
  • from the comfort of their own homes : tại chính căn nhà thoải mái của họ
  • right in the middle of the action : ngay lúc ấy
  • with all five senses : bằng tất cả 5 giác quan
  • virtual reality : thực tế ảo

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