Learn English through Facebook

Facebook is the world’s most popular social network. It is used to connect with family friends through images, links, videos sharing. Since Facebook became popular, many types of businesses also began to use this platform.

  • Change the language setting on Facebook: this is the easiest way to start learning English on social networks. Most people are currently using their native language for Facebook. Switching to English will be very helpful for your English learning
  • Actively make friends with English-speaking people on Facebook: If there are English-speaking people on y our friends list, they will have statuses as well as articles in English shared to your news feed. You can comment on their status and find a way to connect with them on Facebook.
  • Like pages with content in English: Just like your mother tongue, English also has many pages that have good and useful content. Every day you can spend a lot of time on these sites, you might as well invest this amount of time to read in English.
  • Join a Facebook group to learn English: on facebook there are often many groups who care about one topic and they will come together and be very enthusiastic about the topic. The same goes for the subject of learning English; join and actively participate in topics related to English in the group. You will learn a lot from there.
  • Setting up an event on Facebook: for those who are lacking the opprtunities to practice English, you can set up an English practice event and invite friends to join. The theme of the event can be friendly conversations, historical events. Facebook is very easy to use; Facebook also has a support team that are always ready to help you. You can ask for their help anytime.

Use Twitter to improve English

Twitter is a small blog that allows you to share short texts in about 140 characters. Articles are called “Tweet”. Tweets can reach many people by default, but you can limit who can interact with your posts.

Why should you use Twitter to improve English? This is a blog and many English vocabulary like fashion, slang and daily news are used here. Here are some tips for using Twitters to learn English

  • Create a Twitter account with personal information in English. With this account, you can comment in English posts and from here you make friends with many foreigners to improve your English.
  • Like Facebook, on Twitter, you can follow your favorite English pages. From here you can follow articles, stories of your interests, or stories you encounter in everyday life and can be easily understood. You will be surprised by the improvement in your English ability
  • Another way to help you learn English via Twitter is that Twitter has a lot of popular trends in the world and will appear regularly on your Twitter message board. You can go to tad “Moments”, there are many new articles about events around the world. You can easily learn English here.

Practice Writing on LinkedIn

If Facebook and Twitter bring you entertainment, LinkedIn is a place that many individuals use to connect and find job opportunities.

LinkedIn is especially good for practicing your email writing skills and connecting with many companies where you want to look for career opportunities. Some of the following ways can help you improve your English with LinkedIn

  • Create an account in English on this social network. This will attract the attention of many businesses. Being able to write a complete profile in English on LinkedIn takes too much time, but you can connect with many organizations that are looking for candidates who can communicate in English
  • Regularly create connections for your profile. Just like Facebook you can find groups that share common interests and in English. From here you can improve your English by interacting more with the general topic of interest.
  • Keep track of companies on LinkedIn: if there is a company you know and love, you should find out information about that company on LinkedIn as it will have a lot of useful information for you.

Now you can more effectively use your time on social media by learning English.

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