America has long been one of the most progressive countries with a rich and advanced education system.  So what are the most sought-after majors in the country of the Star and Spangled Banner? Find out what the most current trend is through the U.S. News portal!

  1. Pharmaceutical science: graduates will be involved in the process of developing, manufacturing, or bringing products to market at US pharmaceutical companies. With the average salary of this industry being about $ 113,000, pharmaceutical science is the only non-engineer-related major  that is among the top 10 highest paid industries in the United States.
  2. Mechanical/ Electrical/ Mechatronics engineer: The majors are very sought after, especially those relating to mechatronics engineers which train students in production processes and in working with equipment such as motors, robots … and transforming sensory information into orders. Mechatronic engineering is becoming an increasingly important industry, one that has the potential to change people’s future, such as through automatic vehicle design, smart robots, artificial intelligence …. Students who have completed their studies can easily find jobs at companies such as Uber, Tesla, Facebook, Google …
  3. Business: The United States has the highest GDP in the world. Therefore, business studies have an important role here, with business schools placed on top of almost every rankings in the world. However, for international students, the level of competition and the number of students following these majors is extremely high, leading to limited career choices if proper research is not done. The best option is usually to follow Quantitative Finance, which is said to be one of the most difficult focuses in economics since it requires a lot of probability and statistical knowledge; this, however, means that it is also easier to find a great job within this field. This is also the case for  Computer Information System, as well as Business Analytics …
  4. Computer Science: Although it was one of the majors with the highest potential to find work in the US, the birthplace for thousands of technology unicorn start-ups, in recent years, growth for this major has shown signs of slowing down. However, that does not mean that this major has lost its appeal to the international student community.
  5. Data Science: With information having more and more influence on daily life, as well as  the development of enterprises and the formation of new breakthroughs in technology … data science is receiving attention from all leading technology companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon … and is a fiercely competitive field in countries such as the US, China and Russia. Therefore, there is no lack of jobs within this industry, at least for the present time. Data science enormously contributes to the most recent technological inventions, including language recognition, automated vehicles, image recognition, customer shopping habits, artificial intelligence

Every industry will see changes from time to time; and it is the task of market experts to grasp the most current trends. With significant consulting experience and an extended network system with top schools, ETEST strongly believes in its ability to help students identify their suitable career paths for the future.

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