During your preparation process for your studies abroad, have you ever been overwhelmed with choosing from thousands of schools in accordance with a variety of different criteria? Unfortunately, with numerous fields and criteria, there are a lot of university rankings out there. So how do you know which one is reliable? Read below as we explain the more important and reputable rankings.

top universityWorld University Rankings 

World University Rankings is managed by The Times Higher Education. World University Rankings provides a comprehensive list of top universities worldwide. This ranking is considered as “the only international rankings evaluating universities in the world with the following core mission: teaching, research, transfer of knowledge and international prospects”.Due to its comprehensiveness, this ranking is most often used by prospective students. The Times Higher Education carefully evaluates 13 indicators to bring users the most accurate information.

  • Highest ranked school: California Institute of Technology
  • UK University ranked highest: Oxford University (Top 2 in the world)

World University Rankings 

National Student Survey 

Bảng xếp hạng National Student Survey được tiến hành bởi Ipsos MORI và diễn ra từ tháng 1 đến tháng 4, kết quả được công bố vào tháng 8. Đi vào hoạt động từ 2005, các sinh viên năm cuối, sắp kết thúc chương trình học đại học/cao đẳng sẽ được yêu cầu hoàn thành bảng khảo sát về những điều họ thích ở trường đại học và những gì cần được cải thiện, phát huy. Mục đích của BXH này là để cung cấp những thông tin về chất lượng khóa học cho các sinh viên tương lai và khuyến khích các trường cải thiện trải nghiệm học tập của sinh viên. Các sinh viên thực hiện bảng khảo sát này sẽ trả lời 23 câu hỏi liên quan đến 6 vấn đề về trải nghiệm học tập bao gồm việc giảng dạy, hỗ trợ học tập và phát triển cá nhân, và sự hài lòng. Những trường đại học không đạt được ngưỡng 50% sẽ bị loại khỏi bảng kết quả.

  • Trường được xếp hạng cao nhất: Đại học Y Brighton và Sussex

Complete University Guide

Complete University Guide is composed by Mayfield University Advisory Council and is published in April. The ranking was first implemented in 2007 and uses 9 evaluation criteria with statistical techniques called Z-transformation.This transcript evaluates according to the following weights: 1.5 for student satisfaction, 1.0 for each criterion such as entrance criteria, research assessment, career prospects, faculty ratio: student, reputation and the number of students completing the program and 0.5 for research, learning services and facility investment.

These criteria also include data from the Higher Education Statistics Agency on learning service costs, program completion rates, entry standards, and student satisfaction from National Survey of Students.

  • Highest ranked school: Cambridge University

Complete University Guide

QS World University Rankings 

This 2004 ranking is published by the Bristish Quacquarelli Symonds in September of every year. QS World University Rankings evaluates 3,000 universities and ranks the Top 400 Top Universities. After that, the schools will be ranked in groups starting from 401 to 410 and up to 701+.4 evaluation criteria of universities include: research, teaching, employment and international prospects. Accordingly, each criterion is evaluated based on six indicators: academic reputation based on a global survey (40%), reputation among employers based on a global survey (10%), faculty / student ratio (20%), international student ratio (5%), and international staff ratio (5%)

This QS rankings also publish ratings based on subjects and majors.

  • Highest ranked school: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • Highest ranked UK university: Cambridge University (Top 3 in the world)

QS World University Rankings


Whatuni Student Choice Awards 

The Whatuni Student Choice Awards rankings evaluates universities based on the following criteria: place of residence, student life and activities, job prospects, lecturers and courses, student associations, support, facilities and international prospects. In addition, the ranking also has the category “Overview” to evaluate the “University of the year”.In order to be on the list, schools must attract at least 100 comments on the website. In 2015, the award was awarded based on the opinions of 20,000 students. Critics argue that the amount is too small to be reliable, especially in relation to each university.

  • Highest ranked UK university: Loughborough University

Whatuni Student Choice Awards 

Source: summarized from multiple sources

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