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ACT is a college entrance exam standard that admissions officers often use to compare applications from different schools and states. The following is a summary of the basic information about the ACT test:

What is ACT and why is this test important?

Designed by ACT Inc., the ACT test is an entrance test that is used in most colleges and universities to determine admission. The idea (theoretically) is to provide universities with a common standard to be able to compare applications. The acceptable  ACT score is specified according to each school. Another important factor is that schools consider GPA, transcripts, teacher recommendations, interviews and personal essays. For more specific information about the importance of ACT at the schools you are interested in, contact the admissions office directly.

The ACT test is administered nationally each year in September, October, December, February, April and June.

What parts of ACT are included?

The ACT test has 4 sections: English, Reading, Math and Science, and 30 minutes of written test (optional). Some schools require a written test, making sure that you have carefully checked this information before doing the ACT.

How is the ACT test scored?

In each section, you can get scores from 1 to 36 (English, Mathematics, Reading and Science) and an aggregate ACT score, which is the average of the 4 tests. Usually, when someone asks for your test score, they are asking about the composite score. The aggregate score ranges from 1 to 36. The overall national average is 21.

If, for example, you get 31 points in the English test, 30 in the Math section, 29 in the Reading section and 30 in the Science section, your composite score will be 30.

You will also get supplementary points in the English, Math and Reading sections in sections 1 through 18. These scores give you more details about performance, but they are not given by colleges. and university use.

The ACT test consists of an optional essay, which is seen as a writing test. If you take the writing test, you will receive a written test score and an English / writing combination. Refer to for more details on how to calculate ACT scores.

When should I take the ACT?

Students usually take the ACT on the Spring Semester of Year 11 and, if necessary, retake the test and Fall Semester of Year 12. However, more and more students take the test earlier in the Spring term of the year 11. This allows them to have more flexibility in retaking the ACT test one or more times, or to take additional SAT tests.

How do I practice the ACT test?

We can help you. Please contact the consultants of ETEST Vietnam for guidance.

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