• Timing: you have about 4860 seconds to do each question on the ACT. If you answer a question in the shorter time period than above, you will have more time for the more difficult question

• When answering incorrectly, ask yourself why you did wrong.

• When practicing, pay attention to your weaknesses: are you lacking in the actual content (math, reading, writing) or time management?

• Solve all the questions first, then fill in all answers in the answer box: this will save you a lot of time.

• Answer every question even if you have to guess

• Practice, practice, practice: only when doing it many times can you know your weaknesses and strengths

Grammar section:

• Do not choose a sentence that sounds “wrong”. Your answer must have a good reason based on grammatical structures

• Pay close attention to what is underlined (eg, is a comma underlined?)


• Math Part:

• When checking, try to solve the problem in a different way than you did for the first time

• Replacing each number in the answer to the given equation is sometimes the fastest way to answer a difficult question

• Remember common mathematical theories (calculating slope, geometric sequence, common triangles …)


• Reading section:

• Avoid reading every word in the paragraph

• A common strategy is to read the text briefly, then read and answer the questions

• Try to predict the answers before looking at the given answer

• Read each word carefully in the question and answer; one word can make an answer wrong

Science section:

• Answer questions with charts and statistics first. Most of the questions in this section only require charts and statistics to be answered

• Save text-based questions until after you have finished all other questions

• Improve your mental math skills! Although computers are not allowed, this part still requires basic math skills


Essay section:

• If you don’t know a statistic, data, or information about an event, create them yourself (within reasonable limits, of course). People scoring the ACT are not allowed to penalize you on false facts. You will be fine as long as your information supports the main thesis

• Your first paragraph and conclusion is more important than the body of the article: make sure that the two paragraphs are tight, coherent, and follow the point.

• ACT scorers prefer essays of about 1.5 pages or more

*: Compiled from and personal experience

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