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Part 1: “How will your admission profile be reviewed?”  Source: Harvard University Admissions Council

In the process of considering admission documents, we pay great attention and care to every detail for each case. We look for all the information to identify students who will become the best quality educators, able to interact with other students, as well as with their professors.  these individuals will be inspirational and pervasive to other individuals around them during their time at university and beyond.

When we read and discuss your profile, many questions are raised in our thinking. Things that we pay attention to are as follows:

Your level of development and potential:

  • Have you achieved the maximum potential both personally and academically?
  • Are you already overcoming yourself?
  • Have you been and will be doing your work with full power to pursue an academic career, full-time, part-time job or other fields?
  • Do you still have the potential to study more intensively?
  • How did you spend your time?
  • What initiatives have you had? Are you a highly self-motivated person? What motivates you in life
  • Do you have a future orientation? What is it? If not, have you explored learning in many different areas?
  • Where will you be in 1 year, 5 years, or 25 years? What will you contribute to the community around you?
  • What kind of person are you now? What kind of person will you become in the future?


Concerns and activities:

  • Do you care deeply about what about knowledge – extracurricular activities?
  • What do you gain from these concerns? What did you do with those concerns? How to achieve them? With what successes and failures are possible? From this result, what do you gain?
  • As for extracurricular activities, sports, volunteerism and family commitments, have you used up all the opportunities?
  • What is the quality of the activities you participate in? Are you in a position of commitment or leadership?
  • When you do not have enough time in high school to attend extracurricular activities due to family, work or other constraints, what do you wish to be discovered at Harvard with more free time?


Quality and personality:

  • What choices form you? Why?
  • Are you a late bloomer?
  • How often do you approach new ideas and new people?
  • What is the maturity, quality, leadership, confidence, passionate personality, sense of humor, energy, and other concerns as well as the calmness of dealing with problems in the high-pressure environment?


Contribution to the Harvard community

  • Are you ready to cope with the pressure, the free ideals of student life?
  • What will you contribute to Harvard and your fellow students? Will you gain many advantages from Harvard experiences?
  • Do friends want to share accommodation, ration, discuss in seminars, want to be friends with you?

Our review process put all efforts to be thorough, meticulous and fair. This is also a job that requires deep concentration. However, it still allows for very flexible handling, the ability to change decisions in practice, until the specific time when the Admissions Review Committee sends these emails. This is very important because we always receive new information about the candidates.


Source: Harvard University – The U.S

Part 2: Entry requirements for prestigious American Universities  Please read the next section.

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