With a reading comprehension test, you should learn to eliminate answers. As for the listening test, you need to concentrate.

ETEST Study Abroad English Center has many years of training in standardized tests such as TOEFL, IETLS, SAT, ACT with good sults. Many students of the center receive full scholarships at prestigious universities in the US, UK and Australia. ETEST shares useful tips for those who want to achieve high results on the TOEFL test.

With each skill, candidates must be careful and stay calm during the test.

The TOEFL reading test focuses on mastering the main questions: the training of key reading skills of the whole passage. The questions are arranged in four paragraphs as to be easy to follow. You just need to write 3  4 words to summarize the general idea and the relationship with the main message after each paragraph you read. The most difficult question is often a question about the overall content. At that point, you should exclude answers that are too detailed (often containing proper nouns), or too wide (often containing too broad common nouns).


Write notes for the listening section slowly. When you first begin to practice, you will tend to write down any word from the generator, making it difficult to track the rest of the information. In addition, you may be too focused on spelling words and forgetting some important information. Since you can only listen once, you have to focus. If you have any problems, you should skip temporarily and continue to focus on the rest of the listening. You can write in Vietnamese phonetic if you forget the English spelling to be able to follow the audio smoothly.

Candidates should be relaxed when taking the test.

In order to get a high score in writing, you should spend a lot of time practicing typing: the TOEFL exam will require you to write 2 essays (integrated and independence). The evaluator focuses on the grammar and content of the academic essay (clear, easy to follow) rather than the vocabulary and writing style so you don’t need to be too worried. You are especially not allowed to use slangs and idioms in your article because this is a formal academic essay.


For the integrated essay, you should hit 300 words within 1517 minutes of taking the test. As for independence, you should score 550  600 words within 25 minutes of taking the test. You should spend the rest of the time looking for grammatical errors and spelling errors to get the best results in this exam. Besides, taking advantage of the lesson on the computer, you should write the introduction and the conclusion before spending time for the body of the essay. This little trick will help you get a fairly complete article even if you can’t write up all the ideas in the body of the article.


ETEST Study Abroad English Center will help candidates pass the TOEFL exam more easily and achieve high scores.

You do not need to say too much and too fast in speaking: many people who are too worried have a habit of saying too fast at the beginning and running out of information later, so that they slow down or, worse, be silent for the remaining time. You should avoid correcting errors, repeating the words you said or humming while speaking. You can select information (exclude or incude) to be more natural and the fill the time. The trick is that you should have 3  5 seconds to spare ra conclude your talk. You also don’t need to use advanced vocabulary or idioms. Feel free to express your thoughts naturally and coherently.

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