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Conquering IELTS band 8.0 – not a difficult task!

IELTS – recognized by more than 11.000 universities and colleges in the world – is often a great challenge for 2,2 million test takers every year. However, experiences from students who have scored highly on the IELTS show that, in 3 months, getting an IELTS of 8.0 is not a difficult task, given that you know how to prepare for the exam.

This past summer, Khoa Đ. V. Hà at eTest has significantly improved his IELTS band from a 6.5 to 8.5 only after 3 months of preparation at eTest. This result came as a pleasant surprise to Khoa and his parents as he has never studied for the IELTS at any other center prior. Khoa said he was “betting” his IELTS results on the 3-month course at eTest because he thought his band could only increase to 7.5 at maximum. However, the dedication and passion of his teachers along with the methodical approach to teaching has given Khoa a result that exceeded his expectations.

Besides Khoa, there were also many other high-scorers in eTest’s summer IELTS courses – Khang D.V. Âu (8.0), Yến H.H Đặng (7.5), Tuấn A. Đào (7.5), Đạt Hoàng (7.5). A lot of them felt as though eTest has become more like a second home than a test-prep center. Teachers treat students as though they are their own children and give each student individual attention. Foreign teachers are pleasant and dedicated, while Vietnamese teachers are accessible and attentive. Since there are only 6 students per class, teachers have the ability to understanding the needs and learning levels of each student. Those who are behind will have additional tutoring from teachers with no extra fee.

IELTS is a test that evaluates one’s English ability and is an internationally standardized exam. Unlike common ways of English testing in Vietnam, the IELTS is not designed to trick you, but rather, to test your ability to properly use English. To get a band 7 or higher, students need to already have a relatively solid foundation in English. eTest is one of the few centers which can provide their students the necessary foundations within only three months. Almost all eTest teachers have attained prestigious scholarships to attend top institutions worldwide. In addition, teachers also have to retake the tests each year to ensure that their experience with the testing procedures is up-to-date, which then can be shared with current students. In many cases, students will not be able to completely read the reading passages or understand all the vocabulary. That means, the ability to guess meaning through context and logical reasoning is incredibly important. Teachers are the one who will give students helpful tips and strategies. Besides past exams data bank, our resources are continually updated to the most recent edition. That is why eTest students can have a firm grasp on the latest changes in the test formats, as well as key factors on performing well in tests, including analysis, rephrasing,….

On the other hand, the studying program is designed to be flexible in terms of scheduling. This ensures a proper studying schedule of the IELTS, while not taking time reserved for leisure, extracurricular activities,….

There are, of course, students who score above a band 7 on the IELTS through self-studying, but the number is not big. Realistically, effective study in a limited time period requires the guidance of good mentors. Among the “sea” of IELTS resources, knowing which important subjects needed to be covered, as well as effective methods in studying those topics requires the experience of teachers who have gone through the process before. In addition, teachers, especially at eTest, have the ability to enhance students’ strengths and gradually eliminate their weaknesses.

If you want to score highly on the IELTS but still do not know which center to go to, contact: eTest Test Prep Academy, Floor 3, 215 Nam Kỳ Khởi Nghĩa, Ward 7, District 3, HCMC. Click on the link: or call our Hotline at 090 369 5677 to get more information.

Tham khảo chi tiết chương trình IELTS ở ETEST và để nhận lộ trình học IELTS cá nhân hóa phù hợp với mục tiêu và kiểm tra IELTS miễn phí tại: Học IELTS – Anh ngữ ETEST

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