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My youngest son – Hoàng Long – is currently following an IELTS course at eTest and he is very happy with the class, which consists of only 3-5 students with highly dedicated teachers. Since there are only a few students in the class, there is a tight-knit connection among the students and teachers, stemming from the personal interaction throughout the lessons. Students are always given the chance to speak English to the teachers, and that in turns help them gain much confidence in English communication. I strongly believe that the supportive environment offered at eTest, along with the dedication and personal attention to students by teachers, my son will soon be able to achieve his dream of getting a master scholarship abroad.

As a parent with a full-time job, I find the ability to track my child’s progress at eTest to be very important. Through eTest’s system, I am always up to date with my child’s lessons and improvements. Therefore, while I am very busy with my work, I can also take part in my daughter test-prep process. That is what I really like about eTest – the center minimizes the communication gap among parents, students, and teachers, creating a tight-knit community that grows together.

Before I came to eTest, I was very concerned about the college application process, as I had heard that it was really complicated. Fortunately, eTest was referred to me and I signed my child up for an SAT course, the college-essay course, and the Summer Camp. My daughter likes it here very much, since she is encouraged to explore her passions on a deep level, as well as learning about what’s going on in the world. However, for me, the most important thing at eTest is the opportunity for my daughter to network with past successful students. I am very glad that she got the chance to learn from previous students, and I feel more assured as a parent.

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