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How to get Bucknell University’s financial aid

Lam Thanh Ngô, an eTest student who received financial aid worth US$65.758 per year, shares her experience of getting into one of the top universities in the United States.

This post is for those who have interests in funding sources for their studies at top institutions in America. Lam is one of the few people to have received full financial aid at Bucknell University (Pennsylvania) as well as a full ride scholarship for Yale-NUS College Singapore and York University, Canada.

Bucknell University is a renowned private university in Pennsylvania and the United States. It ranks second in the State and twenty-fifth in the nation.

Over 90% of students are employed within one year of graduation with high starting salaries. With an impressive SAT score of 1520/1600 and a memorable essay, Lam received a financial aid package of US $65.875 for each year of her four-year study at the university.

In addition, she also received a full-ride scholarship from Yale NUS College Singapore. This is the prestigious scholarship from the Singaporean government and Yale NUS College Singapore – a partnership university between Yale University and National University of Singapore. She also further got a full-ride scholarship from York University, Canada.

Lam said she was lucky to have a family that always offers encouragement and support. Of equal importance, she appreciates the guidance provided by her eTest teachers, helping her get closer to her dreams.

To obtain scholarships from top schools in the US, students not only need an impressive SAT score, but also a stellar application and a memorable essay. At eTest, experienced and devoted teachers will help students attain their full potential. eTest believes in the tremendous capacity of every student, and our belief helps advance students towards their success.

Teachers at eTest are highly experienced in assisting students in their application and scholarship hunting from top universities. They always accompany students and parents in building personalized study paths, from test-prep to the actual application process.

eTest offers test-prep programs such as those for the SAT, ACT, TOEFL, IELTS, SSAT, PSAT, ISEE, advanced essay composition. This summer, eTest becomes even more vibrant with extracurricular activities hosted by international students coming back from the States. These include Robotics club, STEm club, Economics club, charity trips,..Most importantly, eTest offers scholarship grants for studious students. This opens the door to higher education for those facing financial hardship.

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