Why should you take this course?

Most first-year students take a year or more to get used to the method of learning and writing essays at foreign universities, which significantly affects the grades and competitiveness of the new student.

With over 10 years of experience in the field of training, the faculty of the ETEST English Language Study School has won full scholarships from Harvard, Washington  USA, Victoria University  Australia, National University of Singapore  NUS, … has designed and developed an advanced writing preparation program and a college-level studying method to help students:

  • Enhance competitiveness in the process of university study
  • Equip themselves with essay writing skills, research topics for both Economic  Social and Scientific  Technical branches
  • Equip themselves with active methodology and self- study methods
  • Learn from ETEST lecturers who have studied for PhD / Masters at prestigious universities in the world
  • Create a foundation for students wishing to apply for a Masters / PhD scholarship later
  • Excellent graduates from the course will receive a letter of recommendation from lecturers holding key positions at educational institutions and foreign companies.
  • Opportunity to meet and exchange with students currently studying at top universities in the US, UK, Australia, …
  • Join the abroad student community at ETEST.


Mrs. Le Thi Quynh Tram

Fully funded master degree scholarship by Harvard University – The U.S

Mr. Nguyen Bui Minh Cuong

Fully funded scholarship National University NUS – Singapore

Monthly course:

  • Saturday and Sunday
  • Wednesday and Friday
  • Tuesday and Thursday

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