Recently, ETEST Academy organized an Honoring Ceremony for students who gained scholarships to study at universities all over the world. The ceremony saw the participation of more than 200 parents and students.

ETEST ELITE is organized to honor students who have obtained scholarships from international universities and achieved outstanding results in English language exams such as the IELTS, TOEFL and SAT.

With more than 4 years of operation, ETEST strives to put professionalism and dedication at the top of its priorities. The academy is proud to accompany generations of students out into the world. 219 students won scholarships of up to 100% from leading universities in the US with a total value of 2000 billion dongs as the result of constant efforts of our students and teachers. They are Nguyen Khoa Thien An ( 14 scholarships worth 28 Billion dongs from Top 100 US universities); Pham Nguyen Hoang Long (85% scholarship of Case Western Reserve University, # 42 US); Tran Hanh Song May (98% scholarship from Fordham University, # 70 US); Pham Hoang Boi ($ 40,000 scholarship to the University of Minnesota, # 76 US); Nguyen Anh Duc (Georgia Tech, # 35 US) …

At the beginning of the program, Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hoang Lam – the Managing Director of ETEST shared a few words with her students: “When you first came to ETEST, you were still like a blank sheet of paper, many of you simply wanted a scholarship to study abroad but were not quite fully aware of your abilities and goals. . Then after the first and second year,  you slowly learned how to listen to yourselves and to understand what you want and what you need to do to achieve your ambitions. I and the teachers, as well as the parents, followed each step of your progress, and we see the day-to-day changes in your English skills as well as your own perceptions and thoughts. I am very happy for you and proud of you. “

Ms. Lam congratulated the AMP students who have received scholarships for Top 100 American Universities

Coming to the ceremony, Le Vo Nguyet Ha has excellently received a scholarship for his excellent essay and is currently studying International Law at American University, which has also inspired his generation. Ha shared that ETEST honed your thoughts and helped you to persistently pursue your dreams, practice living responsibly with yourself, your family and the community. After studying ETEST, Ha realized that she was luckier than many other lives in society. That luck is a valuable gift and the recipient must have a great responsibility: to protect and speak for the less fortunate or the injustice that is happening around . The growth in this thinking has helped Ha’s essay to have many bright points and received praise and scholarship from many prestigious schools in the US.

With the theme “Grow Your Influence”, ETEST is not only awarding students and showing our appreciation to parents and students but is also providing a place to connect students with ETEST alumni. Participants are able to listen to inspirational stories on studying abroad with new and different perspectives, helping them to confidently enter universities worldwide. GROW YOUR INFLUENCE is the message that ETEST wishes to convey to students in particular and the young generations in general: “Each individual is an influencer in his own community; anyone is able to shine provided proper support ”. Always believe in yourself and live responsibly, and success will come to you!

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