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Combined degrees with Drew University – New York

In addition to the regular Bachelor programs, Drew University also designs a system of courses delivered by top American universities such as Columbia, Drexel … This is a great choice for for active, highachieving students, and these combined programs will ensure you get into the top universities of the country.

Advantage of the Combined Degree Program::

Combined Degree program gives international students the opportunity to earn a second degree at a top university after completing a Bachelor’s degree at Drew University. By enrolling in this combined program, you will diversify your learning experiences as well as increase your ability to find suitable career opportunities.

All Combined Degree programs:

  •  Admissions with minimum requirements
  •  No SAT or ACT required to transfer into the program
  •  Registration after enrollment. Students do not need to qualify for a Combined course before starting their Bachelor program.

Stevens Institute of Technology: Software Engineer

Upon completion of this course, students will be awarded a Bachelor’s degree from Drew and a Master’s Degree in Software Engineer from Stevens Technical University (ranked # 75 according to US News & World Report). With the program format “4 + 1.5”, students studying computer science majors (major or minor) will complete their Bachelor’s degree at Drew and continue for a year or a year and a half at Stevens to receive a Master’s degree. Stevens ranked # 3 in the group of universities for the “Best Career Placement” category by Princeton Review and # 8 on the average starting salary of students after graduation (according to PayScale).

Drexel University: Nursing

Studying this Combined course between Drew and Drexel University, students will be awarded Drew’s Bachelor of Arts (BS) and Drexel’s Bachelor of Science (BS). Students who are eligible to apply for this 11month program in the “4 + 1” format, will proceed to enroll in Drexel after completing their final year at Drew. Drexel’s Accelerated Career program applies to intensive Nursing courses that enable students to complete their degree within 2 years instead of 3 or 4 years.

Columbia University: Engineering

This Combined Course will allow students to get a Drew BA (BA) degree and a Bachelor of Engineering (BS) degree from Columbia University (ranked # 4 according to US News & World Report). Graduates will become “highly qualified engineers”, having strong communication skills and solving independent problems. This is the only admission program guaranteed by Columbia Technical School (Columbia School of Engineering).

Wake Forest University: Business administration

Students enrolled in this course will be awarded a Bachelor’s degree from Drew and a Master’s Degree in Management from Wake Forest University (ranked # 27 by US News & World Report). This 10month graduatelevel business course is also for students who are majoring in nonBusiness program at Drew. International students graduating from this program are sponsored to work in the US for H1B Visa category with a rate of up to 93%. This program has a Guaranteed Scholarship for those who meet the minimum GPA requirement.

About Drew University:

Located in the tranquil suburban Madison town of New Jersey, it is only 47 minutes by train to the vibrant City of New York  the worldfamous commercial, entertainment and entertainment hub, Drew University is an ideal place for young people who wish to have a quiet space to concentrate on studying, yert is close enough to urban area for students to go to every weekend.

Drew is a private university within the US Liberal Arts system, founded in 1867. Drew designs many training programs with the top US universities and companies / corporations, helping students gain more opportunities to expand their knowledge and improve their professional skills. Currently, Drew is welcoming more than 2,000 students from over 50 countries studying here. 94% of Drew’s students got jobs or were accepted into top graduate schools within 6 months of graduation. Drew’s alumni are admitted to schools such as Harvard, Yale and Princeton or are working at large organizations and companies such as CNN, United Nations, JP Morgan Chase … Drew also offers thousands of internship opportunities at wellknown American companies such as Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Lincoln Center, Google, Sony Music, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, CNN … With teachers who are experts in the field they teach and have a Ph.D. or higher, the university will surely satisfy any difficult student when.

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