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Multiple Engineering Co-Op Program (MECOP)

How to apply for a paid internship in the US?

Are you learning and want to reach the world’s most advanced education?

Are you looking forward to a bright future after graduating with a prestigious degree from a famous US university?

Founded in 1868, Oregon State University (OSU) has a main campus in the city of Corvallis (Oregon state), 90 miles south of Portland. Corvallis is always in the top safest and greenest city in America, a great place to explore the natural wonders here. OSU is also one of the few top US universities that has a MECOP paid internship program for students studying here.

What is MECOP?

Multiple Engineering CoOp Program (MECOP) is an internship program offered by Oregon State University to students of Engineering and Business, the most practical benefits: a valuable degree with two internships ( 6 months / semester), one in summer / autumn in year 3 and one in summer / autumn after year 4. Students will have the opportunity to do an internship with salaries within 6 months for 2 reputable companies in the city / state. More specifically, the salary you can get is equal to 7075% of the starting salary of an employee in a similar position, from 18,000 to 24,000 USD / 6 months. Sometimes, OSU students can pay the tuition fees of 2 semesters with the salary of one internship period (one year of Engineering Pro tuition is about 9,000 USD).

Create valuable links

There are more than 130 large companies / corporations across the state and nationwide participating in OSU’s MECOP program, including giants such as Intel, HP and Boeing. Participating in the MECOP program, students will complete their course with a year of work experience and have an extremely useful career connection network.

To ensure a valuable degree and the ability to find jobs after graduation, many young people have selected highranked universities. And this is also one of the reasons why students all over the world come to OSU. Studies have shown that OSU graduates can earn 50% higher income than the average income of all other US schools. Besides, OSU also ranks in the top 50 on Return on Investment (Affordable Colleges Online 2013) and ranks 44 “Best Buy Schools” in the US, Canada and the UK (The Fiske Guide to Colleges 2015).

Polishing your resume

The experience gained from participating in MECOP internships will be very helpful for your resume. Most OSU students participating in the MECOP program get a job before receiving a diploma.

Unique experience

Trainees will apply what they have learned at OSU. You will also develop practical skills in companies and important projects.


▶ ️ Students must be accepted into the Professional School of OSU.

▶ ️ Students will have to complete some required courses before joining the first and second internships.

▶ ️ Students must go back to school to continue 1 term after the end of the second internship period.

▶ ️ Acceptance rate: 43% in the 201415 school year (300 students were accepted into the program out of 700 candidates).

How does MECOP work?


Students can register for the MECOP program in the Spring of their second year. Your application will be checked for eligibility and standards required by the program.


After passing the application round, students will participate in an interview with MECOP representative. MECOP will accept or reject your application. If you are approved, your academic results (such as GPA, etc.) will be closely monitored. Failure to keep good grades may result in ineligibility. Usually, students will participate in an interview with representatives of MECOP companies during the winter semester of year 3. This is the time for MECOP to decide which company will be your first internship. MECOP always tries to arrange for all selected students to have internships. However, there is no specific guarantee for this.

Internship  the second year

Students will participate in the first MECOP internship in the Summer / Fall term at the end of year 3.

Return to school / year 4

Attend the second interview with representatives of MECOP companies. At this time, MECOP will decide where students will participate in their second internship.

Internship Year 4 / Return to Campus

Students will participate in the second MECOP internship program in Summer / Fall at the end of year 4.

MECOP has over 130 industry partners accepting OSU students for internships, including: Boeing, Cisco System, Intel Group, Inter Security, HewlettPacked (HP), Leatherman Tools Group, Oracle, Georgia Pacific, Tektronix …

Reasons for choosing to study at Oregon State University

🅰 is a firstlevel research university in the US  1 out of 40 public universities with a “huge” budget for research activities nationwide (US $ 309,000)

🅰 Top 3% of the best US universities

🅰 The best university in Oregon

🅰 Top 200 universities in the world  according to U.S News & World Report 2016.

🅰 Diverse academic program with 200 undergraduate majors and 100 graduate majors.

🅰 During the summer semester, international students pay only for tuition fees of native students (averaging $ 3,000 / term).

🅰 There is an internship program MECOP / CECOP with 02 paid 6month internships for students in engineering and business majors.

OSU graduates are in the top 20% of America’s highestpaid graduates

In addition, OSU is one of 73 universities granted by the US government its land and private waters, aerospace, and solar facilities, making it one of two public institutions and universities having all four properties: land, sea, space and sun (Cornell University is the second institution receiving a similar treatment ). In addition to being provided with a large research space, OSU receives a lot of funding every year for research projects, more than all other Oregon public schools combined.


OSU Provost’s International Scholarship Scholarship is worth 6,000 USD / year

Regional Scholaship Scholarship (depending on the application)

INTO OSU Honorary Scholarship Scholarship is worth 12,000 USD for tuition + 13,000 USD for accommodation

INTO OSU Meritbased Scholarship Scholarship is worth 9,000 USD

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