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Newcastle University

Marketing is currently one of the the most popular major among Vietnamese youths. In the context of the economy today, Marketing is in great demand from many business groups in the world. Therefore, more and more students go to the UK to study marketing. It also helps students be more active and gain more social skills.

According to Mr.Larkin, the admissions director of Newcastle University – one of the most prestigious and oldest university in Russell Group in the United Kingdom, the Marketing program provides a thorough education in modern Marketing, including: market research, building and developing customer relations, designing distribution program, pricing strategy, brand promotion, event organizing with specific courses such as Marketing management, Sales management, Consumer behavior, Product strategy, Pricing and distribution strategy, Advertising and Promotion, International Marketing, Service marketing, PR….

According to analysts, marketing plays a crucial and influential role in every field of the economy, even with the impact from the global recession. At Newcastle, students will learn to understand consumers’ psychology and research the market; do research on consumer behaviors and demand; planning effective brand promotion and product development strategy; identifying opportunities and challenges before the competitors…Following this program, students are certain to gain much benefits as well as career opportunities in the future. Marketing will help with:

  • Getting diverse and global range of knowledge in economics and marketing. A developed country like the United Kingdom will help students gain more experience and awareness.
  •  Better language skills: your vocabulary will significantly increase since marketing relates to communication and other fields; in addition, you can improve your English in the UK.
  •  An international environment that focuses on many aspects of marketing will help students have a deeper understanding of the economy, business, as well as culture of different countries around the world.
  •  Competitive advantage in applying for a job after having studied in the UK.

Why Newcastle University?

Newcastle University is one of the oldest and most prestigious university in the UK. The university is located at the center of the historic city of Newcastle upon Tyne, one of the most dynamic and international city in the UK with great sports attraction and culture. Three hours by train away from London, Newcastle is named one of the 6 “Science City” and plays a leading role in the development of university systems. International students always feel welcomed here and they succeed in their studies because Newcastle is seen as “one of the most successful universities in the UK.”

Ranked 6th out of the best 20 universities in the UK, with modern facilities and experienced faculty holding a Masters degree onwards, Newcastle University is known as the biggest teaching and research university in the Northeast of England. The school has a worldrenowned reputation in many fields with high quality of teaching with 27 institutes, 12 research centers and many academic programs from ESL, preuniversity, undergraduates, premasters, masters, doctorate,…Newcastle is also 1 of the 3 best marketing schools in the UK. Here, you don’t only learn indepth about media, or modern marketing operations, but also soft skills such as communication, analytical skills,… Newcastle degrees are recognized by Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing (IDM), giving students a professional degree that can be used worldwide.

According to the Telegraph, marketing ranks 7 in the list of the most indemand careers in England, behind IT, Medicine and healthcare, engineering, construction, human resources, hospitality… In England, the minimum starting average yearly salary for Marketing is around £18.000 and £100.000 for higherleveled employees. The total income of executives can be up to £47.000/year

Marketing is a very flexible field, allowing marketers to be involved in almost every field, from financial services to customer services, from service development to engineering and technology, education, or even economics and mass communication.

Newcastle University is in the list of top 20 univerisities welcomed by top recruiters (High Fliers Research 20122016). Studying Marketing at Newcastle Univesity, students will gain much working experience from their 12 month internship in a British or international business. The faculty of the Business School and the Career Service Center will help you find a placement suitable to your skills and interests in big firms such as IBM, Disney, Proctor & Gamble, Nissan, Marks & Spencer, Unilever, Accenture, Cummins, GSK, Apple, Barboour, Nike, and Microsoft. Currently, Newcastle students do internships in the position of: digital marketing trainee, marketing country sales intern, sales intern, digital marketer…for the following projects:

  • Commercial online accounts at Johnson & Johnson, including Amazon and Google, advertising their products
  •  Supporting the team in sales report, conference preparations, and organizing promotion events at Bosch
  •  Supporting planning, market trend analysis, and competition research at Cummins
  •  Closely collaborate with product managers and digital strategy of beauty brands at L’Oreal

Newcastle’ approach is to help students identify their future careers. The university teaches indepth theoretical knowledge and puts that into application through case studies or software applications for students. Newcastle also has close partnerships with local, national, and international companies that provide students with handson experience during their terms. Students have the option to choose an internship at stage 2 and 3, and can participate in a marketing consultant project in their third year. This project will bring them the chance to become a consultant for one of the companies that are facing a real challenge.

Career Service

Students at Newcastle will be fully supported to increase their employability. These supports include:

  •  Consultation from experienced career officers and Startup support from the Center for Career Service at the University
  •  The chance to participate in the yearly career development fair and advance the ability to network with potential recruiters
  •  Chance to get a job while studying at Newcastle
  •  Summer business internship of the Business School
  •  Newcastle Business School is also in the top 140 of the best business schools in the world, recognized by EQUIS in developing management and business skills


  • 100% International Foundation Scholarship: for terms starting September 2018 and January 2019 (50% tuition deducted from the International Foundation term and the other 50% deducted from year 1 at Newcastle University)
  •  Foundation Progression Scholarships: £3.000, for transferring students from Interntional Foundation terms (September 2019)

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