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Successful Scholarship Hunting with eTest

According to recent surveys, more and more Vietnamese youths aspire to study abroad. However, tuition fees always arise as the number one concern for many students and their families.

In order to abate this concern, a lot of students seek scholarship funding to financially support their dreams to study abroad. This is the reason for eTest’s creation.

In addition to providing a well-rounded education, eTest also brings to students valuable scholarship opportunities, forming a solid foundation for their study abroad journey.

So how can students improve their chances of getting scholarships? Below, eTest presents the several crucial tips for hunting scholarships.

Research reliable college admissions center 

eTest is among the top college admissions centers in Vietnam.

With years of experience in college consulting and a team of teachers who attained prestigious scholarships at top global institutions such a Harvard, Oxford, and NUS,… eTest confidently brings you closer to getting the scholarship of your dreams.

Scholarships for eTest students usually go up to billions of Vietnamese dongs, an outcome that is the result of our absolute and uncompromising attention to quality. eTest provides support for every part of the journey, from the application process to after students’ departure to their dream schools. eTest is also a top test-prep center for the SAT.

Follow and join scholarship forums/programs on social media or other online platforms

At present, most study abroad agencies have their own websites and/or fan pages that post information beneficial to students through sources such as Google or Facebook

As a student, you should follow and frequently interact with these sites to get your hands on possible scholarship opportunities as timely as possible. You can also ask questions on these sites regarding the scholarship application process.

Online forums are also information channels used and relied upon by a lot of international students. Not only are these places helpful to find scholarship information, they also let students share their experiences with everything relating to studying abroad.

Getting good academic records 

To demonstrate to scholarship committees your ability to learn and self-develop, you need to equip yourself with knowledge in regards to mathematics, physics, chemistry, and/or social science subjects like history, literature, geography,…

A lot of students think hold the misconception that they should spend all their time and energy into learning English, while forgetting that Universities also look at SAT scores – a standardized test that evaluates important skills for college.

You can come to tutoring classes to equip yourself with general knowledge, and from there practice with higher-leveled vocabularies and learn to apply them.

Getting involved in extracurricular activities 

Academic achievements and extracurricular activities are two important factors contributing to the decision to grant you scholarships.

All activities and achievements, whether big or small, need to be specified by documents. To that end, you need to actively participate in community programs, school activities, events organizing, or nationwide sport competition.

Depending on one’s ability and interests, each person has their own way of satisfying the extracurricular activities checkpoint. The more recognized achievements you have, the better your chance of getting a scholarship.

Send multiple applications 

It is likely the case that your first scholarship application may not be successful, given the competitiveness of the application pool, especially from top universities.

Knowing this, you should not give up easily. Rather, make sure you are aware of what you did wrong on the application, try to improve on your application and send more applications.

You should also send in your application selectively, making sure that the type of scholarship, major, learning environment,…fit what you are looking for.

Practice writing essays

Virtually every scholarship requires the submission of some type of essay. Most often, students will need to reflect their ability and goals in these essays, as well as giving the scholarship committee solid reasons to grant them funding.

A good essay combined with one’s achievements are great advantages to help you get closer to your scholarship.

To write a stellar essay, make sure to research different types of essays through books, magazines, social media, or your mentors. At the same time, practice writing everyday to improve your grammar and the persuasiveness of your essay.

With the helpful information above, contact eTest now by our hotline 090 369 5677 or by our website in order to get yourself closer to your desired scholarships.


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