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A few highlights

  • #181: The school is ranked #181 in the Best National Universities Ranking list in the US (U.S. News and World Report 2017)
  • #8.046: Suffolk has 8.046 students (5.565 undergraduates, 1.200 internationals (23%) with the top 5 including China, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Venezuela, and India)
  • #72: 72% of Suffold students do internships with wellknown firms and corporations such as Google, Pfizer, Dell, Liberty Mutual, Tufts, Apple,…
  • #2: The University has two campus, one in Boston and one in Madrid
  • #91: 91% of the lecturers hold a Masters degree or above

Evenr since its founding 1906, Suffolk University (SU) has always committed to providing its students with great studying experiences. Through its wellcrafted teaching curricula, its focus on job trainings and its academic consulting service, students receive support to achieve their goals.

At SU, students are the first priority. The University offers resources such as: welcoming and orientation programs for new and transfer students, career and internship service for undergraduate, graduate, and graduated students, supporting international students….Princeton Review 2016 has put the university in these lists: top 380 universities, top 295 business schools, The Wall Street Journal ranks SU fifth in terms of the number of international students.

SPRING 2018 

  • INTO SU programs are starting on 9th January, 2018: Academic English andà Academic English + Pathway, Undergraduate Pathway and Graduate Pathway.
  • Undergraduate Pathway Programs: Business, Computer Science, General, Science & Mathematics, và Visual Arts
  • Graduate Pathway Programs: Communication, Political Science, MBA, Business Analytics, Finance, Financial Services & Banking, Marketing & Law 

Why Boston?

  • Top 3 destination for international students
  •  #1 in innovation and business development
  •  Center for Education – Finance – Healthcare – BioTech – Hightech Industries and Startups
  •  10 Fortune 500 companies are situated on SU campus
  •  There are also 1911 engineering and biotech firms, as well as 1420 financial firms operating in the area

Benefits when joining INTO SU course

  • Learning in a friendly and safe environment
  •  Live and study with local and international students, at the same time having access to the modern facilities at the university
  •  Smallsized classes and taught by SU faculty
  •  Completion of INTO’s courses is followed by progression onto sophomore year at SU

Why Suffolk?

  • Listed as a Best Business School (The Princeton Review 2017)
  •  1 in 3 only Law schools to be ranked nationally in 4 legal skills areas (clinic, legal writing, trial advocacy & dispute resolution)
  •  Colleges of Distinction 20162017
  •  Top 25% of Surveyed Institutions Nationally (The Wall Street Journal 2016)
  •  Graduates of the College of Arts and Sciences – 91% employment rate within 6 months of graduation
  •  94% of students outside the MBA program attain a job 6 months after graduation
  •  93% of students in the MBA program attain a job within 6 months
  •  90% of bachelor students have a job within 6 months after graduation
  •  More than 100 associations/clubs for students
  •  Top recruiters: Apple, Adidas, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, J.P. Morgan, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Granite Telecommunications, LogMeIn, Massachusetts General Hospital, Massachusetts Office of Technology

The Suffolk Career Advantage: SU partners with agencies that help those unable to get an internship OPT to join volunteer, internship, paid or non paid job programs. SU organizes 6 career fairs yearly with participation of more than 300 businesses all over the United States

Tuition Fee

  • University (2 semesters): 31,070 USD
  • Pre-University (2 semesters): 23,295 USD
  • Pre-Master: 17,640 USD
  • Master: 25,480 USD
  • Academy English: 6,850 USD/semester


Law School

  • One of the biggest law schools in the United States (1.218 students) with 6 programs in the top 30 (US News and World Report 2018)
  •  Students can learn and intern in a public court house built on SU’s academic area
  •  Students need a Juris Doctor degree to be eligible to take the Bar exam. However, a few states such as Massachusetts, California & New York,… allow students with a Masters in Law to partake in this exam.

Sawyer Business School

  • Business and Accounting programs certified by AACSB with lecturers directly teaching up to 75% of the course
  •  Students participate in extracurricular activities or learn more about business partners in the Boston area such as Bank of America, Fidelity Investments, Apple, Bose, EMC, Google, Liberty Mutual, Putnam Investments, State Street Global Advisors, Biotech, Biogen, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Boston Children’s hospital, DanaFarber Cancer Institute, Massachusetts General Hospital…

(*) Special STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics) business master programs:

Besides the MBA, students graduating from the Masters program below can register for OPT for up to 36 months:

  •  Master of Science in Marketing
  •  Master of Science in Finance
  •  Master of Science in Business Analytics
  • Master of Science in Business Analytics

College of Art & Science

  • The biggest school in the Uni, focusing on handson experience and individual attention through teamwork activities, projects, and seminars.
  • Students have the chance to participate in internship terms of SU
  • Suffolk has built a broadcast station to be managed by students
  •  One in 2 American universities that offer a bachelor defree in Law
  •  Masters programs at the faculty include: Master of Arts in Communications, Master of Science in Political Science, Master of Arts in Interior Architecutre (portfolio required), Master of Arts in Graphic Design (portfolio required)


Direct scholarships

  • Direct UG: Automatic merit-based scholarships from $4,000 – $18,500
  • Direct PG: Automatic merit-based scholarships from $3,300 – $20,000 + plenty of fellowship opportunity (working for 10-20 hours/week)
  • UG & PG Pathway: Regional scholarship from $2,000 – $10,000

(*) Suffolk also has Progression scholarships. Details will be available later.


Direct Entry UG

  • Apply through Global App with a GPA of 2.7
  •  Graphic & Interior Design and Fine Arts require portfolios (1015 art pieces and use of computer software prohibited)
  •  For students with a high IB score, they can be admitted directly into year 2 of the bachelor program

Direct Entry PG

  • Direct Entry PG
  •  Apply through Global App with a GPA of 3.0
  •  Goal statement, Resume, Letters of recommendation
  •  GRE (305) or GMAT (500)
  •  IELTS 6.5 (minimum 6.0 for all skills)
  •  SU accepts a 3 year bachelor degree
  •  Graphic design & Interior architecture require portfolios
  •  Students can be exempted from GMAT and GRE with the following:
  • A GPA of 3.3 in the second semester of the last year of your bachelor program in Business/Economics in the United States
  • A GPA of 3.4 with 2 years of relevant work experience
  •  A GPA of 3.3 with 4 years of relevant work experience
  •  A GPA of 3.2 with relevant work experience

Pathway UG

  • GPA 2.2
  • IELTS 5.0+ /TOEFL 50+/Password 5

Pathway PG

  • GPA 2.5
  • IELTS 5.5+ /TOEFL 65+/Password 5.5

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