One cannot not mention the U.S. when discussing possibilities for an international education. However, when one applies for an American visa, there are 3 types that one needs to be aware of: F – J – M.

  1. F-type Visa
  •  F1 visa is intended for those who are going to partake in a full-time academic program in the U.S. for a period of more than one year. This is the most common visa among those intended for studies in the U.S. With this visa type, students need to maintain a minimum number of credits per time period in order to continue staying in America.
  • With regard to work, students with an F1 visa can legally work on campus without exceeding 20 hours per week. In addition, students can also do internships related to their majors at any company in the U.S. through OPT, with a limit of one year (may be higher for STEM majors)
  • Students need to demonstrate sufficient funding for the entire program as well as sufficient English ability; they also need to guarantee their return to Vietnam in order for their visas to be granted.
  • F-2 visa is for the spouse/child(ren) of the F-1 visa holder.
  1. J-type Visa
  • This is a less popular type, more commonly used by those who go on an exchange to the United States (or to get trained in skills not taught at their home countries)
  • J-visa holders can also work in accordance with regulations specific to this type, and work requires permission from the counselor of the exchange programs.
  • J1 is for those who will complete a study, and J2 is for their immediate family members. The criteria for J visas can be a bit looser than that for F, since it is usually short term.
  1. M-type Visa 
  • The M1 Visa is intended for those who want to follow apprenticeship programs and is the least common type of visa among three. M visa holders are not allowed to work and must have financial records demonstrating sufficient funding to cover all expenses during the program.
  • The M-type visa system is also more complicated and needs careful preparation. M1 is for the students, and M2 for that their spouse / child(ren).

Depending on each person’s goal, one will need to prepare different types of  visa documents appropriate to their studies. With an extensive network of school systems and experience in the field of international education, ETEST aims to build the most effective pathways to help students achieve their “American dreams”.

Source: summarized from multiple sources

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