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Effective Strategy for TOEFL

Use English daily

Spend time communicating every day using only English. Listen, read, speak and write whenever you can.


Use email, write a summary for yourself and record daily notes, use new words and common languages. This helps you improve sentence structure and vocabulary.


Listen to music, listen to news online, radio, TV and movies in English. The more you listen, the more you will understand the words and the languages. Music helps you master the rhythm and accent in the spoken language. Listen carefully to vocabulary.


Reading is the best way to improve your English vocabulary. Read materials in Englishnewspaper, magazines, books and available websites. Take a look at Engaging English® to see ways to improve reading skills.

To speak

Focus on speaking, articulating and flexible intonation. Try to express the main ideas to fluently express the flow of ideas. Stop short after each phrase and the groups of ideas. Express your feelings. Practice such expressions in your mother tongue, then combine with gestures and feelings when you speak English.

Write Diary 

Write down what you are preparing for college entrance, as well as what happens in your daily life. This is a way to arrange ideas and practice your ability to write English. You can track your progress. Read the article and read it aloud.

Practice the ability to use the QWERTY keyboard

Computer keyboard uses standard English with key (QWERTY) in exams. Practice typing to master the position of keys with the QWERTY keyboard.

Tips To Succeed On The Exam Day

  • Wear comfortable clothes, convenient for various room temperature conditions.
  • Full breakfast.
  • Arrive at the test site 30 minutes in advance.
  • Follow the instructions carefully to avoid losing time.
  • Do not worry. Focus on the assignment. Don’t think about the answers you’ve just completed.
  • Don’t spend too much time on a question.
  • Answer all questions, if you’re not sure of the answer, guess the best one.
  • Track the time to answer each question and avoid rushing at the last minute.


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