Universities in London offer thousands of scholarships to international students; This scholarship is intended to help cover tuition fees, as well as support students throughout their studies and research.

Scholarship Advice at the University of London

Finding college scholarships in London requires a lot of your efforts, which will in turn deliver great results. Each university offers different scholarships, so it is important to carefully study your choices. Many universities offer scholarships to candidates pursuing master’s and doctoral programs, and some schools offer scholarships for undergraduate degrees.

Read the information below on how to apply for scholarships and the available scholarship, then proceed to find information on the scholarship source data..


How to Apply for Scholarship

Scholarship application deadlines are usually months before the course begins. In general, you need to apply for an undergraduate major before applying for a scholarship.

Start searching for information, follow the steps below:

  1. Find information about programs in London from for your major selection and save your search results.
  2. When you find some courses on your list, check through the sources of information at your prospective university for more practical information.
  3. Research information on a scholarship database to consider whether your chosen school has a scholarship program for international students.

You can contact your favorite universities if you want more specific information about the course or scholarship.

Scholarship Types

There are some scholarships being granted such as:

Full scholarship: This is a popular scholarship for international students, because scholarships include tuition and living expenses. Full scholarships are highly competitive and often suitable for elite students.

Partial scholarships: This type of scholarship is smaller, onetime grants to cover your entire study costs. They usually do not include any subsidies for living expenses.

Scholarships are only available for specific countries: Consider carefully legal-related details for each scholarship because this type of scholarship is only for some students from a number of countries with a limited number.

Scholarships for some specific majors: Like the name suggests, this scholarship is for students who study a number of specific disciplines.

External Scholarship: In addition to university scholarships, many options come from external scholarships to support approved students. Some governments and local organizations sponsor students from their own country or with loans to study abroad.

Scholarships for native students or European students: You can find scholarships available only for UK students or for students in Europe only. This case is often due to funding from the United Kingdom or from the European Commission.

These are the things to consider when you start looking up information:

  • Not all UK scholarships are awarded based on the financial need; most will be awarded based on your academic ability.
  • You can only apply for a scholarship when you are either applying for admission or after you have applied.
  • Many universities offer deadlines for applications one year early, so start looking up information early.
  • For scholarships across the UK, visit the British Council Education UK page.


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