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Welcome to WSU’s School of Hospitality Business Management!

Hospitality Management has long been very popular with Vietnamese youths who love working in the catering, tourism, hotel fields as well as the fields of event organization, customer service, airlines…., especially in the dynamic and globalizing society of today.

This explains why there is trend to study Hospitality in recent years. With diverse career opportunities and a highly recognized degree upon graduation, students can easily apply to hotels, restaurants, schools, banks, travel companies, airports, airlines, consultancies,…for a high position. It can be said that wherever a service is provided to customers, there is the presence of Hospitality. This is a field that demands highly educated and professional workers. Hotel management is the process of managing and organizing the activities of hotels / travel companies / event organizations … in the most effective way. The manager is responsible for preparing financial results reports, setting up rules for managing personnel, managing the rate of sales and availability rooms, managing foodbeverage processing. , implementing human resource development programs, directing the promotion of brand images through advertising activities, PR …

As one of the leading countries in the field of TourismServiceHotelRestaurant, the US is constantly developing and attracting national and international human resources in this industry. this. In the US, you will have the opportunity to practice and work in a variety of positions at more than 1 million small companies and more than 300,000 hotels nationwide. Graduates of this field in the US are often recruited by wellknown companies / corporations in the United States such as Marriott, Hyatt, Wyndham, Hilton … Within US universities that also offer this program, Washington State University (WSU ) is an ideal destination for international students to experience a modern and unique learning environment. WSU’s RestaurantHotel MBA training program, designed in 1932 and also the third oldest training program in the United States, always places in the Top 10 of Hospitality ranking. It is an integral part of Carson College of Business – an AACSB certified business school.

Why Hospitality at WSU?

  • Opportunity to study in Switzerland, Italy, and France in the summer or regular terms
  •  Modern facilities with Internetenabled classes and the latest audiovisual technology.
  •  Developing cooking skills in a fully equipped kitchen.
  •  Getting trained in important management skills and applying hotel business leadership skills to solve problems.
  •  Students can gain a deeper understanding of different cultures as well as related business activities through overseas study programs.
  •  More than 85% of students are invited to work by large companies / corporations before graduation.
  •  WSU’s Hotel Business School is a pioneer in providing career support services to students when they seek internship and employment programs in the United States.
  •  Always in the Top 10 leading schools in the United States for Hospitality training, students do this program in 4 years at WSU and get a Bachelor’s degree in Europe (in Brig, Switzerland).

Opportunities to study and work in a worldclass environment

Since 1984, nearly 1,000 students of WSU have attended and received a diploma through the world famous DLKS César Ritz Colleges (Switzerland). You will apply the knowledge of the classroom by working in business areas related to Hospitality. Studying Hospitality Business Management or Wine Business Management, you must complete an internship or the work experience requirement: 1,000 hours for a major and 400 hours for a minot. Don’t worry too much about finding internships because industry partners will often visit schools to recruit interns and graduates.

At Marriott Foundation Hospitality Teaching Center, students will learn in the kitchen with modern facilities, an elegant dining room and a wine testing area. This unique learning environment is made possible through the generous contributions of the J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation. In addition, the school organizes two important Hospitality exhibitions every year for students in this industry to meet with active businesses in the CateringHotelTravel fields and get support in mapping out students’ career plan and networking.

Career pathways

  • Restaurant management highend hotels, conference centers, sports facilities, entertainment services and resort centers.
  •  Purchasing process management, promotion, recruiting and training employees, organizing culinary events and forecasting. Students can also become entrepreneurs and operate their own restaurant or hotel franchise.
  •  The average salary for newly graduated students in this field is about 34,000  44,000 USD depending on each stage of work.


Pullman Campus

University Center of North Puget Sound (Everett)


Switzerland(César Ritz Colleges)


School of Hospitality Business Management of WSU give many scholarships over 125,000 USD to High achievement students.

Tuition Fee

  • English Program: 6,700 USD/semester
  • Undergraduate Pathway: 26,456 USD/year
  • Bachelor: 27,800 USD/year
  • Graduate Pathway: 25,216 USD/year
  • Master: 27,300 USD/year

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