Detailed information for new students, transfer students and parttime students

Fresh man

  • Complete the application form through the “Common Application” or “Universal College Application” system
  • Answer additional questions from Harvard University in the “Common Application” or “Universal College Application”
  • $ 75 application fee or a waiver
  • SAT or ACT scores with Writing section
  • Normally, 2 SAT II exams are required
  • High school study and transcript results
  • Letter of recommendation from teachers (2)
  • Midyear transcript
  • The transcript of the school year

Application deadline: November 1 (Early Action  Early Action), January 1 (Regular Decision 2  Regular Decision)


Harvard expects to learn about you through your application.

You start by submitting a complete application for admission with the following documents:

  • Application for admission and additional documents
  • $ 75 application review fee or a waiver request form
  • SAT or ACT test scores
  • 2 SAT II subjects usually required
  • Academic reports at high school (including transcripts) and midyear results
  • 2 teacher evaluation letter

* You can apply through the Common Application system (With additional questions and articles requested by Harvard), or Universal College Application system (With additional requirements from Harvard)


The school accepts both forms of application from the Common Application and the Universal College Application. Applications will be reviewed fairly by the Admissions Council. Completing and submitting the entire document soon will ensure the timely and complete review of your application. If you use the Common Application, you must apply before submitting supporting documents (Academic Results, Teacher Reviews, etc.) that can be submitted to the school. Until you apply for admission, no additional materials should be sent to Harvard University’s Admissions Office. Universial College Application does not require a similar process.


The school will send you a notice after receiving your application within 2 weeks. If you do not receive any confirmation after 2 weeks, please contact the school. Click on “Your Submitted Application”, then select “Confirm Receipt of Application” in the folder bar listed or call 6174951551.

Please note: The school will not process applications until the end of September, so the earliest time to submit a confirmation is midSeptember.


  • You can pay by a credit card through the Common Application or Universal College Application system.
  • You can also send a check or money order to Harvard College Admissions, 86 Brattle Street, Cambridge, MA 02138. Please specify the applicant’s name information when transferring.
  • Free: if paying the application fee presents a significant challenge to your family, please request a  fee waiver. You or your counselor can use one of the official forms, or write a short letter to present to the Admissions Council for a fee waiver. Each applicant who is applying for a fee is required to click on the option “needbased fee waiver”. Do not let this fee interfere with your application!


Complete Harvard’s additional questions in the Common Application form. If you use Universal College Application, complete additional questions and submit them online or mail them to the Admissions Office.


These forms need to be completed by the school counselor / teacher. Ask for academic reports to be sent to Harvard as soon as possible. Your school also needs to submit official transcripts, preferably online via Parchment / Docufide or Scripsafe International. Midyear results with the latest scores need to be submitted in February.

If you have studied more than one high school in the past two years, Harvard asks the counselor / school teacher you have studied to submit a report on your behalf at your school. Ask them to send a report to Harvard College Admissions at 86 Brattle St.. Cambridge, MA 02138 or fax to (617) 4958821.


Ask two teachers of two different subjects who know you best to complete the Teacher Evaluation form.

SAT or ACT score

Harvard requires all students to complete the Reasoning SAT or ACT with the Writing section. In the near future, the redesigned SAT exam with the Writing section will also be accepted. Usually the school requires two more SAT II exams. In choosing a subject SAT exam, ​​it is more useful to choose only one Mathematics test than two. Similarly, if your first language is not English, test in your first language may be less useful to you. You should submit the scores of the tests within 3 years.

While the college often requires two SAT II exams, you can still apply without those tests if the cost of taking a test is financially difficult for you or if you want to submit your application without those two tests. Standardized tests are only part of the enrollment process and your application will be evaluated on the basis of all other information you submit.

You are free to use the College Board Score Choice option or similar option provided by ACT. The official Harvard code is 3434 for College Board SAT Reasoning and Subject Test and 1840 for ACT

  • Submit SAT and SAT Subject Test scores
  • Submit scores ACT

When registering for the exam, use your name as it will appear on the Harvard application file. Using a nickname can prevent your score from matching the rest of the profile data.

In order for your application to be considered complete, the Admissions Committee needs to receive scores of standardized tests sent on your behalf directly from the testing center. If the Admissions Council does not receive official test scores from the testing center, they will not make an admissions decision. Please wait 2 weeks for your score to appear on the candidate’s status page.


Please prepare your application very accurately. If the Admissions Council discovers a misconduct in the admission process, you will be denied admission. If you have been accepted, your admission letter will be revoked. If you have registered, admission will be canceled and the Admissions Council will ask you to leave the school. Harvard will cancel the degree if it discovers a mistake in the application for admission.

The determination of an inaccurate application will be under the jurisdiction of the Admissions Council and will not be resolved using the regular the student disciplinary process.


Do not resubmit your application or update it. If you need to update your identity or contact information, or send updates, additional information or corrections, please do so via the Applicant Status Portal function on the website.


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