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TOEFL is one of the most popular ESL standardized exams. According to the official announcement of ETS, the organization responsible for the TOEFL test, the TOEFL iBT exam structure will begin to change starting from August 1, 2019.

What is the TOEFL test?

TOEFL is an abbreviation for Test of English as a Foreign Languages. ETS’s ( Educational Testing Service) TOEFL Certification assesses a candidate’s English language ability in an academic environment, more specifically the University environment in English-speaking countries. The language proficiency test measures 4 skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

  • There are two types of TOEFL® tests (digital TOEFL iBT and TOEFL PBT on paper). The type of test also depends on where you take the test.

 In 2019, ETS announced a number of changes in the structure of the TOEFL iBT test that will be applied starting from August 1, 2019.

How is the TOEFL iBT going to change?

With the new test, test time will be reduced by thirty minutes to be three hours in total. There is no change in terms of the general structure or types of questions. 

Part BEFORE 01/08/2019 AFTER 01/08/2019
  • 3–4 passages
  • 12–14 questions for each passage

60–80 mins

  • 3–4 passages
  • 10 questions for each passage

54–72 mins

  • 4–6 lectures, 6 questions per recording
  • 2–3 conversations, 5 questions per recording

60–90 mins

  • 3–4 lectures, 6 questions per recording
  • 2–3 conversations, 5 questions per recording

41–57 mins


6 tasks

  • 2 independent tasks
  • 4 integrated tasks

20 mins

4 tasks

  • 1 independent tasks
  • 3 integrated tasks

17 mins

  • There is no change to the Writing section. This section still consists of 2 tasks (Integrated and Independent), to be done within 50 minutes.
  • There is essentially no major change to the TOEFL iBT, with every skill contributing a maximum of 30 points over 120 total points.


What preparation is required before taking the new TOEFL iBT exam structure?

Since the overall test format or question types do not change, this creates an advantage for those who take the test after August 1, 2019, after which the time is reduced. However, practice is still the key to better prepare you to achieve your goals.

ETEST Academy strives to give the fastest and most accurate updates to students on official standardized tests, thereby equipping students with relevant skills and the ability to successfully complete the TOEFL iBT test.

Source: ETS

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