English ability is not an evaluation standard for a supermodel. But it is seen as a plus point for professionalism from people within the industry and the international public.

ETEST and Super Model Minh Tú

With the famous message “Naturally beautiful but not without effort”, Minh Tu embodies the image of a supermodel who is not only charismatic on stage but is also hardworking in the gym, making every effort to strive further. And “naturally talented but not without effort”, on the world stage, supermodels are not only expected to shine physically but also intellectually. Hence,  English is the key through which beauties of the world show their abilities and further conquer the catwalk and improve their knowledge in the international environment.

Minh Tu impressed the Vietnamese audience with her fluent English ability from the Asia’s Next Top Model, but mistakes in grammar or pronunciation of the supermodel can still be picked up from time to time. With a personalized curriculum, ETEST Academy is honored to accompany Supermodel Minh Tu to confidently step out to the international stage.

siêu mẫu minh túETEST accompany with Super model – Minh Tú

After discussing with Admissions and having her English assessed, Minh Tu was very pleased with the roadmap that ETEST designed for her. In an intensive classroom environment, Minh Tu will focus on improving her reflexes and thinking in English, as well as training her pronunciation skills in American English..


Minh Tú người mẫu

In addition, learning English with native teachers will be an opportunity to help Minh Tu understand the lifestyle and norms of international friends so that there will be no errors in communicating with  reporters and magazines abroad.

Studying with ETEST not only helps Minh Tu to be confident with her English skills when conquering international catwalks but also helps her capture many opportunities in life. This will be a source of inspiration for young people to pay more focus to self-development and to cultivate fluency in foreign languages ​​so that they can confidently welcome opportunities ahead. Let ETEST accompany you in the journey towards fluency in English!

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